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Choose your equipment to shoot with and match the target size corresponding to it:

Barebow – use a 80cm target inside, or a 122cm target for outside,
Recurve-sights – use a 60cm target inside, or a 80cm target for outside,
Compound-sights – use a 40cm target inside, or a 60cm outside.

Option – For substitution for the official World target paper faces, you can cut out a circle to match these dimensions:40cm – cut 6 1/4″ (bullseye is 3″); 60cm – cut 9 1/2″ (bullseye is 4 3/4″);  80cm – cut 12 1/2″ (bullseye is 6 1/4″); 122cm – cut 19″ (bullseye is 9 1/2″). This is equal to the bullseye and red rings of each target. All 30 arrows shot must be in your chosen cut out circle. Score the scorecard as 210+. This is sort of hit or miss passing.We have created a program all-in-one AQ Target (measures 2’x2′) that is weather proof and durable for 1000’s of shots. You can purchase it through the STORE. Official World Archery paper targets may also be bought online through many sources, like Lancaster Archery Supply 


This is the last rank where you can substitute the target.

So lets get started…You will need an adult witness – like your counselor, instructor or parent…while participating in a local INTRO PROGRAM (maybe at summer camp, a school class like NASP, scouts or another youth program) or at your local archery club or pro shop…

Do this:

(Print your scorecard to record the shooting requirement)  Bowman Score Card

SHOOT – At 15M (meters) indoors or 30M (meters) outdoors shoot a score of 210+ points

Once you have shot and tallied your scorecard, get your witness to sign off as evidence it was performed. Then shoot a digital picture of you and your witness holding the scorecard  in front of the range shot on.

ASSIGNMENT: Upload your scorecard for Bowman below.

When completed, please proceed to BOWMAN Quiz

Upload BOWMAN scorecard.

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