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So you have been shooting “instinctively” probably up to this point. Remember 3AR? Anchor, Alignment, Aim, and Release. With the instinctive style of shooting (think shotgun – able to hit something by looking at it) you execute all the 3AR. Once you introduce sights (to any bow) it becomes more like a telescopic rifle. The 3 A’s are accomplished by the bow settings, especially with a compound bow. Your focus is on release, like pulling the trigger. With the Olympic Recurve bow the archer still must affect a proper Anchor for consistent Alignment. If a “clicker” is used to draw the arrow (it clicks out of the way once the arrow passes it), consistent draw length or power is confirmed. The compound bow is customized to the shooter. It can only be drawn back to a custom stop. This insures the same power.

So with a sight properly adjusted/tuned the archer’s bow aligns the path of the arrow and elevation to target (Aim). This allows sniper like consistency as long as the settings match the distance to be shot, and the target does not move.

This is an old write up on aiming that might amuseĀ Old sighting/aiming techniques


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