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Your first shot

Safety is the first concern… so where do you go to start?

You may already be participating in an introductory program through school, scouts, camp…

If not, your local pro shop or archery club will have an introduction or program. You can also use the internet to search for local archery resources. Maybe your school offers the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP).

A better connection is a private lesson with a local USA Archery certified instructor.  Visit the USA Archery instructor locator to search for an instructor.

There may also be a JOAD Club local to your area that you should be aware of. These Junior Olympic Archery Development program usually welcomes the new shooter and can also connect you with local certified coaches and a group to actually shoot with.

However you start, come to the range prepared:

Range Behavior

  1. Come ready to learn and participate
  2. Respect: your teacher, your peers, your equipment, yourself
  3. Responsible: safety is everyone’s responsibility


  1. Know and obey all range commands
  2. Always keep your arrows pointed down range and towards the target. Shoot only yourtarget. Also no high draws
  3. Always check to see that no one is down range or behind the targets when shooting
  4. Always walk at the archery range; no running at any time
  5. Horseplay will not be tolerated
  6. Keep you arrows in your quiver until you are instructed to shoot
  7. Always wear your arm guard and finger tab when shooting
  8. If you drop an arrow while on the shooting line, leave it on the ground until you are toldto get your arrows or the instructor retrieves it
  9. Only use the arrows the instructor gave you. Remember what they look like.
  10. Keep your bow vertical when carrying it and on the shooting line


1. CHECK: all students are behind the waiting line and the range is clear a. 2 WHISTLES: archers may come up to the shooting line

2. CHECK: all students have made their stance and are keeping their arrows in their quiver a. 1 WHISTLE: begin shooting

3. CHECK: shooting line is empty and all students are back behind the waiting line a. 3 WHISTLES: retrieve arrows

4. CHECK: all students pause at the target line and pull arrows properly. Only two students should go up at a time and should stand at either side of the target. Then they should return back behind the waiting line.

5. 4+ WHISTLES: STOP SHOOTING. emergency

(from Olympic Archery in the Schools OAS)


Here is a video to show your friends… 
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