Archers Quest is a standard achievement ranking system for advancement in Archery!

Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and a recreational activity. A person who participates in archery is typically called an archer or a bowman—and a person who is fond of or an expert at archery is sometimes called a Toxophilite.

Archery for many beginners can be a bit overwhelming because there is a lot of information in archery, many different techniques, and many different styles of archery equipment associated with the sport of archery. The purpose of this program is to give a beginning archer a basic understanding of what archery is and how to get started in the sport of archery, and to help you become a Toxophilite.

Start Course

Individuals need not join anything (no membership fees), just START! When you complete online e-learning curriculum, QUEST adventures, and shooting challenges…you submit the qualifying results for rank achievement recognition in order of progression: Jr. Yeoman; Yeoman; Bowman; Archer; Master; and Toxophilite!

Initial award levels may be earned while participating in common recreation programs like summer camp, park classes, NASP, youth programs, where basic equipment is normally provided. You will acquire knowledge and resources in a logical progression to develop your ability and equipment decisions. The program allows for equipment evolutions and indoor/outdoor shooting venues… while learning about your local and national archery community… preparing you for the world of archery and your participation in it!

The ARCHERS QUEST system drives new and seasoned archery participants to locate archery resources including: introducing an archer to your local Archery Community, presenting archery safety and archery equipment fundamentals, discovering how to participate in the archery games and the SPORT of archery, preparing you for archery equipment choices and ownership, and how to get the most out of archery while allowing you to share your passion for Archery with others.


One of the unique things about this program for the individual is that it anticipates your evolution in skill and equipment. Right now, you may be borrowing a simple barebow from an archery program, say summer camp. You will be shooting outdoors mostly, but later you may you maybe shooting in a NASP program indoors at a local school gym with a standard Genesis bow. No problem. As you move through each venue and equipment change, we have a plan. The target size stays the same depending on equipment used (barebow uses the largest target, recurve-sights on a smaller target, and compound-sights gets handi-capped with a tiny target)… but everyone will shoot from the same distance indoors or outdoors. Distances get longer and harder as the program continues!


Recreational programs like Summer camps, NASP, Scouts, 4H, etc. may want to use the first three Archers Quest rank awards to challenge and recognize participation and achievements in archery. The shooting requirements are done onsite at your location. The e-learning curriculum, assignments and testing are available online to be download by each archer. This provides a program guide administered by the archery program's leader, counselor or coach. Organizations may purchase the rank insignia in bulk for your local distribution. More importantly, your archery participants who use the Archers Quest Program will have a continued connection to an archery achievement program system avoiding any the time limits your program may have!

JR YEOMAN – First rank level, corresponds to the white (1st) ring of the standard World Archery target. It introduces you to your archery community and an introductory program where equipment is provided. You learn how to act on a range and start shooting instinctively.

SHOOTING Requirement – 5M indoors/10M outdoors for a score of 210+

YEOMAN – Fundamentals of archery equipment and how it works.

SHOOTING Requirement – 10M indoors/20M outdoors score 210+

BOWMAN – Learn how to participate in the Sport, be aware of the different games and organizations, with a little Archery history mixed in!

SHOOTING Requirement – 15M indoors/30M outdoors score 210+

ARCHER – Equipment ownership is the focus, buying and building your own gear, customizing it to perform.

SHOOTING Requirement – 18M indoors/40M outdoors score 210+

MASTER – At this level you know how to shoot, but the tuning of you and equipment brings out the best! You are now also part of the Archery community.

SHOOTING Requirement – 25M indoors/50M outdoors score 210+

TOXOPHILITE – This a PRESTIGE rank award beyond what is necessary and distinguishes you by achievement, leadership, and service to the archery community. A lover or expert in archery… "TOXOPHILITE".

The ARCHERS QUEST program evolves with new developments in archery. If you have ideas to improve the program, please submit here to submissions email. The program committee will review and possibly include to better the program. Your contribution would be recognized.