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Range Rules

Archery Safety

The sport of Archery takes pride in its safety record. Archery has the lowest incidence of injury of all shooting sports. The reason for this outstanding safety record is that the rules and procedures developed for archery are adhered to by the participants which ensure each person’s safety.

Control of all shooting activities is under the direction of the Instructor, sometimes called the Range Officer. Archers must obey their instructions at all times.

Before you begin, ensure that all clothing is held tightly to the body to prevent fouling by bowstrings. Long hair should be tied back for the same reason.

Safety Rules – Archery is a lot of fun, but the fun can quickly turn into a tragedy unless every archer observes the shooting rules. Learn the safety rules and follow them every time you hold a bow or retrieve your arrows. Remember, most accidents are the result of carelessness and thoughtlessness.

  1. Follow the instructions of the Range Officer. Give attention and listen to the commands given. Ask questions if you do not understand what is said.
  2. Always use proper safety equipment, including an arm guard, finger tab or glove. The Instructor will ask the youth to reposition their safety equipment to prevent injury if the equipment is incorrectly positioned. If still incorrect, the Instructor will ask the youth if the leader can reposition the equipment.
  3. Always inspect your equipment before shooting, damaged equipment should be repaired or replaced to avoid injuries. Replace the bowstring whenever it becomes worn.
  4. Always use arrows of the proper length for you. Arrows that are too short can cause injuries.
  5. Wear snug fitting clothes, tie back long hair, remove large earrings, and clear off any pins or remove anything from chest pockets. Wear a chest protector as needed.
  6. Never “DRYFIRE” your bow. Always have an arrow on the string when shooting. ”DRYFIRING”, or shooting a bow without and arrow, can seriously damage a bow.
  7. POINT, DRAW, and AIM your arrow only in the direction of your target. The arrow must always be pointed down range.
  8. Always aim and shoot only at targets on the range: Always be sure you know what your target is and that it is safe to shoot. If you’re not sure take a closer look, if you’re still not sure, do not shoot. Be sure the area around and behind your target is clear before you shoot. Never shoot if there is a chance your arrow may ricochet from the target or another object and hit someone.
  9. Place your bow in the bow rack once you have finish the end and stand behind the waiting line. This helps the other archers know you are finished shooting your arrows. Bows in a rack cannot accidentally be fired.
  10. 10. Always walk; never run, on the archery range. If you run, you might accidentally cross in front of another archer, step on arrows lying on the ground, or trip and fall into the target and be injured by arrows sticking out of it.

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