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YEOMAN is the second rank level which corresponds to the black (2nd) color ring of the standard World Archery target.

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of the equipment used in archery, the art of string making, common knots used, arrow making/repairs, and preparing yourself to shoot. Your Quest will involve making a practice bow and sharing archery with your friends.

SHOOTING Requirement – 10M indoors/20M outdoors score 210+

Proceed by completing each lesson topic (in order), each lesson will be marked as completed allowing you to proceed to the next topic. At any time you can suspend your session and pickup where you left off later.

LEARN – Fundamentals of archery equipment and how it works

  1. Making a bow
  2. Buying a bow
  3. Preparation
  4. Arrows
  5. Strings & Knots
  6. Maintenance & Repairs
  7. Sights


1)  repair a bow and arrow
2)  introduce a friend to archery
3)  tie a D-loop knot

SHOOT(will need a photo on location with counselor/parent with scorecard)

  1. 10M indoor score of 210+


2. 20M outdoor score of 210+


Print Yeoman Worksheet

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