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Introduction to Archery



Welcome to Archery!

Through the ages, this primitive weapon has fed families, conquered civilizations, and provided a wonderful source of recreation. As a martial art, archery helps build self-confidence and control. As a sport, it ranks with golf as a challenge to building individual skill.

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7 things About… Olympic Archery video link

In the United States and around the world, Archery is one of the fastest-growing sports!

Every year men, women, children of all ages and abilities are trying archery for the first time. They are surprised how easy it is to participate, how gratifying the sport is and just how much it will challenge you.

Getting started in archery is not difficult. Visit one of the local archery clubs or pro shops in your area. They will either offer or be able to refer you to a basic introductory archery course.  Don’t worry about equipment, the course will supply what is needed. You may also check with your local parks and recreation center, school athletic director, scouting group or summer camp. Archery is very popular as a community outreach program.

There are many models and manufacturers of archery equipment. There are also many styles, or forms of archery developed around two basic methods of shooting – using sights, and not using sights. Mechanical sights rely on the fine adjustment of equipment paired to the archer and the appropriate distance from the target to be shot. Archery without sights is an instinctive style, using a point-of-aim view at the target. This is similar to the difference between using a rifle with a telescopic scope, and a shotgun, just looking down the barrel to aim.

Instinctive is our preferred method for beginners. It is the simplest method for handling the equipment and developing good shooting form and consistency. It lays a practical foundation for the pursuit of archery in any discipline. Any basic introductory program you find will likely start you off with easy to use equipment that you will shoot instinctively. You should not start with too strong of a bow or too sophisticated of equipment (like use of a trigger release to pull and release the bowstring).

So we are going to introduce you to a simple process of shooting…

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