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QUEST – This adventure is about exploring what archery games are available to you and how they are played.

Your goal: Complete a shoot in your area and submit a picture of your official score card. You will need to research who is the local governing body in your area representing USA Archery (for World Archery/FITA shoots), NFAA (for Field course shoots), and ASA/IBO (for 3D shoots). You will more than likely join one or more of these organizations as your participation in archery grows. These organizations will be your official sources for tournament listings as well.

Pick one (or all) to go shoot an event. This may be indoors or outdoors, you will just need to have an official score card to turn in. Who knows… you might even win something for just showing up!

Assignment: You will need to upload a digital picture of your score card from the event  for this rank. 

Upload photo of local event's scorecard for Bowman Quest requirement.

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