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3D Archery

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3D – 3D archery is a subset of Field archery, a newer version of using old 2D (animal pictures) as hunting practice. Other national organizations (ASA and IBO) run their own versions and scoring as a game. All utilize life-sized models of game animals and are popular with hunters. Normally a course of 15-30 animals are set up in challenging hunting shot scenarios. One arrow per station is shot in most cases.

Archery Shooters Association –

Since its inception in 1993, ASA, headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia has hosted tens of thousands of amateur and professional archers from across the United States in national and state 3D competitions. The state level organization is known as the ASA Federation, while the national level in the McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour. ASA uses McKenzie brand 3D targets, with 12-ring and 14-ring bonus opportunities built into the scoring. The scoring “vitals” are formed into each 3D target. Each arrow is scored based on where it hits the animal. A miss is worth 0 points. A hit anywhere on the body of the animal outside of scoring area is worth 5 points. This diagram illustrates the scoring area:


Asa indoor game rules:

International Bowhunters Organization –

IBO was created in 1984 and uses Rinehart brand targets and uses an 11-10-8-5 point scoring system per target. All points are located inside the vitals area. IBO offers the Triple Crown of Bowhunting, consisting of three national tournaments hosted in separate states. This utilizes identical rules and classes, culminating with the crowning of national champions based on age, sex and equipment class. In 1989,IBO also established the World Championships, a series of sanctioned tournaments worldwide in which participants qualify to compete in an annual finale.


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