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Buying a bow

Buying your First Bow.

Archery for a beginner can be quite challenging at first, until you have all of your basic equipment. As with any sport, there are expensive lines of equipment and there are less expensive lines. More expensive is not always better, sometimes you are paying for a brand name. The best thing to do is to try out lots of equipment before you buy. Through this Archers Quest program you may be narrowing down the type of equipment needed for the specialty of shooting you are interested in. So keep in mind how well does the equipment work for your needs, and budget.

So type of bow and style of shooting should be the first consideration. Then, you need to find something that fits your body. Have your draw length measured. Is the draw weight of the bow within your current strength range?

Can you pull the bow back for an hour of practice? Most competitions will consist of scoring 60 arrows and up. A common purchase remorse is buying too strong a bow, being “over bowed”. Not only will you get tired or possibly hurt, it is hard to become consistent and accurate when muscle fatigued – so not much fun. We suggest a first bow in the 25-35# range. It will last and be fun to shoot forever.

Start your journey by visiting your local pro shop. You can buy online or in a big box retailer, but the relationship of a pro shop will last after the sale. As you grow in archery, you will probably own many bows for all kinds of shooting interests – target archery, indoor and 3D competitions, bowfishing, hunting, etc. Tons of FUN!



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