Introduction to Archers Quest

JR YEOMAN – First rank level, corresponds to the white (1st) ring of the standard World Archery target. It introduces you to your archery community and an introductory program where equipment is provided. You learn how to act on a range and start shooting instinctively.

SHOOTING Requirement – 5M indoors/10M outdoors for a score of 210+

YEOMAN – Fundamentals of archery equipment and how it works.

SHOOTING Requirement – 10M indoors/20M outdoors score 210+

BOWMAN – Learn how to participate in the Sport, be aware of the different games and organizations, with a little Archery history mixed in!

SHOOTING Requirement – 15M indoors/30M outdoors score 210+

ARCHER – Equipment ownership is the focus, buying and building your own gear, customizing it to perform.

SHOOTING Requirement – 18M indoors/40M outdoors score 210+

MASTER – At this level you know how to shoot, but the tuning of you and equipment brings out the best! You are now also part of the Archery community.

SHOOTING Requirement – 25M indoors/50M outdoors score 210+

TOXOPHILITE – This a PRESTIGE rank award beyond what is necessary and distinguishes you by achievement, leadership, and service to the archery community. A lover or expert in archery… "TOXOPHILITE".